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124 Covert Avenue Demolition

Week of December 2, 2018

3TC will begin demolition of  124 Covert Avenue this week. You my encounter traffic delays due to this work.

Volunteers Needed

The Village is seeking volunteers to complete surveys based on the performance of 3TC Contractors on a quarterly basis

To participate please contact: Kate Hillmann (516) 354-0022 or nhpclerk@vnhp.org


Please be advised that as of June 19th the Taxi Stand will no longer sell parking vouchers. Please visit the following locations to purchase vouchers:

Genome Pharmacy - 1105 Jericho Tpke

Lakeville Pharmacy - 749 Hillside Ave

Mike's Convenience Store - 804 Jericho Tpke

Shell Gas Station - 1500 Jericho Tpke 

NJ McCann - 901 2nd Ave

Next Village Board Meeting:

Board Meeting 8:00 pm

Tuesday, December 4th

Board Meeting 8:00 pm

Tuesday, December 18th

Board Meeting 8:00 pm

Village of New Hyde Park News

2019 Resident  “R” Parking Permits

Residents can begin to purchase the 2019 Resident Parking Permit on Monday, December 3rd at Village Hall  The cost remains unchanged at $100 for the annual parking permit.

This year, in addition to presenting a current driver’s license and vehicle registration, residents will have to bring a current utility bill as proof of Village residency.  If you rent an apartment or a  house in the Village, a current lease agreement must also be presented to establish residency. Read More

Mayor’s Letter to the Residents October 26, 2018

October 26, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

Today we learned from 3TC, that they will begin taking down over 30 trees along Covert Avenue; north and south of the railroad grade crossing between First and Fifth Avenues.  They explained that the trees must be removed “…to make way for utility relocations in anticipation of the work on Covert AS WELL AS the under-grade crossing.”  3TC added that every tree removed off of the LIRR right of way will be replaced.  The tree removal may begin as early as Friday, October 26th.